Shell Beach Checklist

The Shell Beach Survivor Guide!

Please note if you plan on a trip to Almond Beach to watch turtles or just visit, the following notes might help you pack. This is also useful for travel elsewhere in Guyana.

*  Pack light.
*  Waterproof your belongings. You should put all clothes and items you carry into a waterproof bag (or garbage bag) and then put it into your luggage/backpack.
*  You may face rain and water spray on the rivers and the ocean when getting to Shell Beach.
*  There is no store in Almond Beach. If you come via Air to Mabaruma, you may pick up a few things there; or if you come by boat, you may pick up a few things in Santa Rosa (Kumaka). Pack what you need.
*  There is no medical facility on site. The nearest is in Mabaruma and Santa Rosa. Mabaruma is an hour and a half from Almond Beach and Santa Rosa about four hours. So pack personal medications you absolutely need.
*  There is electricity (solar powered) but bring extra batteries for your electronics.
*  Cell phone provider is Digicel. Digicel coverage at Almond beach is limited and spotty.
*  Regular candy bar phone generally tends to work better than smartphones in the SBPA region
*  Bring and share a list of emergency contact numbers

*  Light coloured long-sleeved t-shirt or shirt to ward of mosquitos in the evening
*  A pair of pants for the evening (again to ward of mosquitos)
*  Shorts and t-shirt for day use
*  Swim wear
*  Towel
*  Rain jacket/Poncho (a lightweight, throwaway poncho is fine)
*  Wide-brimmed hat (consider also wearing light, long-sleeve shirt and trousers for the boat trip to avoid sunburn)
*  Sunglasses
*  Garbage bag (useful to keep your clothes in if your bag is not very waterproof).

*  Sandals

Health and Safety
*  Basic personal first aid kit (pain medication, antiseptic cream, band aid, tape, gauze, tweezer)
*  Any personal medication you need (medical facilities are not easily accessible) such as allergy; asthma; diabetes, etc)
*  Sunscreen/blockMosquito repellent (w/DEET is most effective –if already in G/town the best brand to buy is “Shoo”)
*  Sanitation wipes/hand sanitizer

*  Snacks and your choice of beverage

*  Travel size shampoo & conditioner
*  Soap
*  Toothbrush and toothpaste
*  Roll of toilet paper
*  Laundry detergent
*  Other personal needs and hygiene products

*  Head lamp with RED light for night viewing of turtles/flashlight
*  Water bottle
*  A few large Ziploc bags (good for keeping things dry) – or dry bags if you have them
*  Light hammock – with mosquito net (mosquitos can be bad during the rainy season at Shell Beach)

Useful Accessories and Things
*  Camera
*  Notebook and pencil
*  Binoculars
*  Multipurpose knife/tool
*  Reading material
*  Tablet with reading materials (if your stay is of a long duration)
*  Bird Book of Venezuela
*  Star guide – the place is amazing for star gazing


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