It Rains a Lot

It rains a lot in Guyana. The rain comes in sudden intense bursts. It stops and starts several times during the day and night.The primary rainy season is from mid-April to end of July and the second rainy season is from mid-November to end of January.

Weather changes quickly. Carrying an umbrella at all times is essential during the rainy season. Rain boots (wellies if you are from the UK) are useful during days of heavy rainfall and flooding, though I haven't yet used them. I found it too warm to wear a rain jacket. A waterproof camera is better than a regular camera but not essential.

High water levels after a rainfall in one of the many dikes built to carry and drain water in Georgetown. Georgetown is 2.5 to 3.5m below sea level.

Rain while shopping in the Borda Market. Got caught without an umbrella!

Flooded streets in Queenstown in Georgetown

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