South Rupununi

Travelling to the South Rupununi is a great experience. You certainly need a very experienced local driver to navigate through the nameless, sign less, damaged, and potholed dirt roads. Pictures taken in November 2013.

 On the way to Yupukari

River near Caiman House in Yupukari, where you can arrange to go on a night time black caiman monitoring trip

 Alternate road to Lethem near Lethem Highway

 On the way to Ishalton


 On the way to Sand Creek from Ishalton

 The most tough and reliable transportation for good and people, it seems, in the Rupununi

 On the way to Sand Creek

Crossing a river on a 4x4 to get to Sand Creek. In the rainy season, it would be impassable.

View of the almost dry creek 

On the way to Sand Creek 

 Sand Creek village

 Young girl in the village

 Termite city near Nappi

 Termite city

 On the way to Nappi 

View from Nappi

On the road...

Horses near Sand Creek


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