Guyana From the Air - Hinterland

Guyana's fascinating from the ground and the air. Check out some of these pictures from the air going north to south from Georgetown to Lethem

Rivers and dykes define the coastal areas
Essequibo River 

Some of Guyana's vast forest resource

 A tributary reaching out to the Essequibo, somewhere on the way to Bartica

 Somewhere along the flight

View of the Essequibo. Mining operations add to much of the brown colour

 Would be quite swampy down there, I would think!

Rainforest combined with savanna patches near Surama

Rainforests near Iwokrama/Surama

Getting ready to land at Rockview, Annai

View of the mountains close to the savannas

Mountains give way to the Savannas

View of the Savannas

Savanna burning is common, a large charred area is visible below

A stream meanders

 View of Kanuku mountains in the background 

Arriving at Lethem, Region 9 near the Brazilian border

Takatu River that separates Brazil and Guyana

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