Guyana's Garbage Problem

Guyana is a beautiful country as many of my photos depict. However much of the beauty lies outside of the urban areas. Guyana's urban areas have a serious garbage problem and there doesn't seem to be a will to change that. Politicians and the general population seem to have gotten insensitive to the garbage around them.

As well there is no recycling. All the plastic water bottles, soft drink bottles and containers, and glass beer bottles all end up in the drains or on the street. Styrofoam containers used for packaging and selling food can also be found all over the place. You sort of get used to seeing it after a while, leading to insensitivity.  Guyana can do better.

It is to be noted that the Caribbean Container Inc does recycle cardboard and is trying to bring biodegradable containers and other products to the market. I applaud their efforts. Banks DIH and Demerara Distillers Ltd (DDL) are also the only companies that are said to recycle their bottles and plastics but I couldn't readily find information on the web.

The ban on syrofoam is to come into affect in June 2014. This is a good thing but I don't think it will change the littering problem. Behavioural change is necessary if littering is to be eliminated. 

The "beach" near the seawall in Georgetown

Below, a "No Dumping" sign in Georgetown doesn't seem to make a difference.

Garbage along a ditch near Camp Street, Georgetown

Drains along side walks littered with garbage and recyclables

On the road side outside of Georgetown

No one seem to care about the garbage as they swim and hang out at 
a popular beach and recreation spot in Bartica on a Sunday evening

Lets go for a swim!

The wharf in Bartica 

Near a garage in Lethem

On the roadside in Lethem

Beautiful view of the landscape with recyclables and other 
garbage in the foreground

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