Surama Eco Experience

I was in Surama as part of my research from September 6 - 9, 2013. I arrived in Annai on the 6th evening after a 4 hour mini-bus ride (GYD$2500) from Lethem. From Annai, it is a short 45 minute motorcycle ride (GYD$4,000) to Surama village and ecolodge. Surama, a community-based enterprise, is considered to be a model for ecotourism operation in Guyana and the Rupununi. Surama is located just south of the Iwokrama Forest and is surrounded by savanna landscape, rainforests, and mountains.

One can just rent a hammock and sleep in the Benab, a native style hut or shelter, or stay in one of the more comfortable cabins with in-suite bathrooms. More info:

A view from the Benab

Enjoying the early morning in Surama

View of the ecolodge accomodations

Welcome and administration office

Hopefully an enduring philosophy!

Rainforest trail and boardwalk near the lodge

Early morning walk through the village

Heading to Surama Mountain

Rainforest trail to Surama Mountain

View from the top. Silence interrupted only by chorus of howler monkeys.

View of Surama Village

There is nothing like having breakfast after a sweaty hike on a crisp morning on top of a mountain

Melissa Allicock, an avid birder and my guide 

Tangled mess of rocks and vegetation

Airfield doubles as casava and vegetable plots for community members!

One of the village households. There are about 280 residents in Surama.

Twilight from the Benab's dining area.

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